Paul Barrett - Technical

These Technical whitepapers are devoted to matters of measurement, statistics, or computational issues.

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1. Conventional interrater reliability: definitions, formulae, and worked examples in SPSS and STATISTICA.

2. Skewness and Pearson correlations: attenuation of coefficient size as a function of skewed data.

3. Percentiles and percentile ranks: confused or what?

4. Numbers of variables, cases, and factor-solution stability.

5. Ordinary least squares regression: assumptions and some clarity.

6. Euclidean distance: raw, normalized, and double-scaled coefficients.

7. KR-20, Cronbach alpha, and binary-response items.

8. Likert coarse-categorization: Pearson correlation attenuation due to categorizing a continuous-valued quantitative variable.

9. Test reliability and validity: The inappropriate use of the Pearson and other variance ratio coefficients for indexing reliability and validity.

10. The Binomial Effect Size Display (BESD). Two reference articles important to the content of this report are available for download:

11. Equifinal Profiling

12. Hierarchical Multiple Linear Regression: Interpreting Deviation R-Squares.

13. Prorating Scale Scores: A consequential analysis.

14. Raw Score Data Transformations (#15 in the Cognadev series)

15. Verification of the data analyses reported in: Eysenck, H.J. and Barrett, P.T. (1993) The nature of Schizotypy. Psychological Reports, 73, 59-63. (March 6th, 2020).
Supplementary materials, output data files, relevant published articles. (March 6th, 2020).