Paul Barrett - Strategic

The Strategic whitepapers are largely devoted to issues of wider interest in Human Resouces and organizational employee strategies/spends.

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1. The ROI of the Gallup Q12: Assessing the true value of high-cost HR interventions (revised, Aug, 2016).

2. Normative test scores in a performance-oriented personnel selection strategy.

3. The Meta-Analytic Correlation between the Big Five Personality Constructs of Emotional Stability and Conscientiousness: Something is not quite right in the woodshed.

4. Using psychometric test scores: Some warnings, explanations, and solutions for HR professionals.

5. Using psychometric test scores: When outcomes are critical.

6. The public perception of institutional leadership as a function of $$ spend on executive training and development.

7. A review of commercial products and academic articles associated with the psychological assessment of Safety Attributes within prospective and incumbent employees.