Technical Reports

The Cognadev Technical Report Series are in-depth articles evaluating specific reliability and validity features of the Cognadev range of assessments, as well as issues surrounding the computation of the utility/ROI and predictive accuracy of psychological assessments in general.

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1. The Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) and Cognitive Ability/IQ.

2. The Retest Reliability of the Values Orientations (VO).

3. Theta, Alpha, and Omega estimates of reliability for the VO orientation scales.

4. The relationships between Values Orientations (VO), MBTI Personality scores and types, Belbin ranked Team Types, and Cognadev’s CPP attributes.

5. The Retest Reliability of the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) - updated, 8-Aug-17.

6. Hierarchical Multiple Linear Regression and the correct interpretation of the magnitude of a Deviation R-square.

7. The ROI of the Gallup Q12: Assessing the true value of high-cost HR interventions.

8. Comparing SST job levels with CPP-SST levels of job incumbents.

9. Cognitive Processing Attributes, Value Orientations, and Bar-On EQi Trait Emotional Intelligence.

10. Cognitive complexity and cognitive styles: implications for strategic work.

11. Increasing age and changes in CPP preferred cognitive style across job families

12. CPP Information Processing Competency Trends as a function of Levels of Education and Age

13. The Binomial Effect Size Display (BESD). Two reference articles important to the content of this report are available for download:

14. Equifinal Profiling

15. Raw Score Data Transformations