2x2 Table Indices and Proportions

This program calculates agreement indices and many medical diagnostic and decision-oriented indices for 2 x 2 classification tables (along with significance tests for some measures of correlation/agreement). It incorporates web-help, a downloadable pdf program manual, and a report generating routine which creates a formatted summary report (text and tables) of what the user sees on-screen. This report can be printed (fits on one page) or copied to the clipboard and pasted into another kind of document.

The online and pdf help includes a detailed exposition and worked examples for the Relative Improvement Over Chance Statistic and Bennett's B-index.

It is recommended as a teaching-support utility for students etc. Good for looking at "what-if" scenarios and the massive discrepancies that can sometimes be obtained between different measures of dichotomous agreement.

The screen images show all the coefficients computed as well as the report format.


Installation software:

Dichot 3.2a program manual (~6.5Mb)
Download the 32-bit .msi Installation file (~4.8Mb)

Installation Note

When installing the program, you will be asked whether you wish to install it for yourself (as a user), or for everyone who uses the machine.

If the machine on which you are installing this program is your own personal machine, not managed by anyone other than yourself as the de facto 'administrator', then choose:
1. "Only for me"

However, if the machine is managed by an 'external' administrator (e.g. your employer's IT or university IT dept.), then choose:
2. "Everybody (all users)"

If you try to install the program using option 2 on a machine 'managed' for you by an external IT department/administrator, and you have not been given administrator privileges yourself, then you will see a security prompt, asking you for an administrator password - which you will not possess:

In this case, exit the installation and restart it, using option 1 ("Only for me" ).